Highly Recommend

I had gone to Clarity and met Dr. patel and first thing she did was she tell me everything that I needed to know and she was very informative and made me very comfortable and she was very gentle during the treatment and she made sure that during each step moving forward in my treatments that I was comfortable! Her prices are also very reasonable! After I recommended this clinic to my freinds and family, they came here too and they are also very pleased with their experience! I would recommend this clinic very highly to all now that I have been their patient for over 5 years and I am looking forward to continue being her patient for many more years!

Jacqueline N.

San Jose, Ca

Go-to Place

I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face. This is my go-to place. Jolie is the best, she knows the path to healthy radiant skin and can lead you there. They have great products and specials every month.

Sherrie G.

Monterey, CA

Always great!

Always great! I’m a long time customer. I’ve been here for a number of different services and have always been happy with my results.

Sherrie G.


I am new to this place and I had a really good experience, the prices are reasonably affordable and they always have deals/promotions. Dr. Patel was really nice and informative. She explained the lip filler process and took her time injecting my lips with Juverderm Ultra Plus XC. I’ve had lip filler elsewhere but this place is really good and very detailed and gave me some advice regarding my lips and where we should inject. She also showed me the box of Juverderm to confirm we are using what I wanted and talked to me about all the other different kinds of filler to. The front staff were very friendly and professional as well. I will use your business again.

Karissa R.

San Jose, CA

Love the Results!

I purchased the laser hair removal for my underarm and I really love the results! The package I bought was 6 treatments once a month (4-6 weeks interval). On the second treatment I can already see the improvement of my underarms. Charo is the one who did my laser treatment and she’s really nice and very thorough with what she’s doing. I am a very happy client and will be back for my skin care treatment because Clarity is expert on what they do.

May D.

Palmdale, CA

Happy and Confident

Let me start my review saying, this place is amazing! Dr. Patel made me feel comfortable right away with great and detailed explanation of the fillers and Botox service that I had originally asked for! After I asked questions about some old scars and spots on my face, she didn’t rush me at all! She went over a thorough explanation of the different approaches and showed me lots of before and after pics! Didn’t push me at all, listened to all my questions with lots of patience! After I did my services, I am very happy, confident that I choose Dr. Patel as my MD and her staff was very helpful, prompt with my Auer ties and made me appointments right away! I am also happy with their prices! I would give two thumbs up. I would love to come back and send my friends soon! Highly recommended to all!

Becky A.

Santa Clara, CA

Highly Recommended

I finally found a good Dr. that helps me deal with my pain. Dr Mirza is amazing well educated and very caring everybody is very friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Mirza to my family and friends.

Crystal D.

Fremont, CA


There is so many things I love about this place! I am currently using the Obagi Nu-Derm Kit and SkinCeuticals SPF! It has totally transformed my skin and I am always getting compliments on my skin! I also get facials, peels, threading, laser hair removal (underarms and bikini), zerona, Colorscience sunforgettable brush! Also they recently started to carry Jane Iredale and I am hooked! The staff is great! I have learned so many things, that I didn’t know. For example Sunscreen. SPF only protects you from UVB rays (burning rays) and you need Zinc (at least 5%) and Octinoxate to protect you against UVA rays (Skin damaging and cancer rays) Another added bonus they do monthly promotions and I am getting VIP discount!

Tracy G.

Scotts Valley, CA

Pampering environment

Dr. Patel is a great Dr. She listens, explains and helps you accomplish what you are looking for. I love going there for the ambiance and pampering environment.

Sally O.

San Jose, CA

Excellent Free Consultation

Really good place for first time botox consultation. Felt no pressure at all and was very comfortable with all the explanations. And there was plenty of time to answer all of my questions. The free consultation was excellent too.

Roland L.

Sunnyvale, CA

outstanding service

I’m writing this review because I can’t say enough great things about this place. After seeing my mom go through the Obagi Nu-Derm system and seeing the amazing results, I had to go in and talk to them for myself. Dr. Lee and her staff are all very knowledgeable, patient and don’t insist on trying to sell you on anything. Because of them, I have bought my new favorite sunblock from Obagi and a Skinceuticals Vitamin C serum which has really helped my face to brighten up and become noticeably softer. I know that in the future, I will definitely be coming here for the outstanding service.

Lorie N.

San Jose, CA

Great Results!

I love Clarity Medical Spa! They actually listen to you and don’t try to push their products or treatments. I have been going for the laser hair removal and I have been seeing results!

Lori K.

San Jose, CA

Extremely satisfied

Dr. Lee and her staff are very professional and helpful. I have been using Obagi and have been extremely satisfied with the results. I get compliments on my skin all the time. Doctor Lee is very knowledgeable and honest about the treatments she recommends. If you want “A” service, go to Dr. Lee and Clarity Medical Spa.

Delfi M.

San Jose, CA

Professional, knowledgable and Caring

I didn’t know anything about Botox, but after talking with the staff at Clarity Medical Spa, my initial fear was gone! I had Botox done and the transformation was amazing. I later attended a wedding that week and all my friends said I looked great! Thanks Clarity Medical Spa! I love your staff – everyone is so professional and knowledgeable, but most of all…caring!

Carol S.

San Jose, CA

Friendly Service

This is a great place, friendly service, and they also carry Obagi, Latisse (they have a permanent special of buying 3 for $300, which is great considering at other Medspas you would be paying 120+ at the least). Definitely worth a look.

K C.

Berkeley, CA

Thanks, Clarity!

This review is for a facial only. I haven’t tried the other services. Clarity is a medi spa, so be mentally prepared for a clinical environment. Jolly is fantastic at what she does – which is cleaning out those dirty pores. She does pamper you too with nice neck/shoulder and arm massages, if that’s really important to you. Overall, I find this facial to be the best value in the area. Suck up the pain, and try it. The products Clarity carries are top of the line. They really stress the sunblock, and they’ll teach you what kinds of ingredients to look for, what’s good, and why. So knowledgeable! Thanks, Clarity!

Ab C.

Santa Clara, CA

I’m so Happy!

I just got back from this place and I feel I must share my experience for all you yelpers out there. This is not one of those snobby places where you feel intimidated. The receptionist was very nice and made me feel comfortable. I’m most impressed with Dr. Lee. She spent so much time with me during our consultation that I felt very comfortable with her. I came here for a laser hair removal and she was just so nice. Every single pulse she would stop and take a look at me and make sure I was okay. I DIDN’T EVEN NEED NUMBING CREAM!! I read many reviews elsewhere that it is very painful. I cannot say this is not painful but I can honesly say, its no more painful than waxing. This is based on my experience. I don’t have much hair down there so that can also be one of the many reasons why it wasn’t too painful. I’m so happy I found my first and last med spa for all my skin concerns! Dr. Lee also advised me on how to take care of my skin and taught me how and what ingredients to look for in my skin care products. To me, thats going the extra mile.

Ailin N.

San Jose, CA

5 stars!

I would give this facility 5 stars. The doctor is very knowledgable and takes her time by moving slowly to get the best, natural looking effect! I will be returning for sure.

Camila E.


I’m scared of needles but I have a big frown line that always makes me look mad. My friend said I should get Botox and recommended Clarity Med spa. The doctor did a thorough consultation then before the procedure, she applied ice to the area. She said it’s better than numbing cream. She’s right. The Botox didn’t hurt much. My waxing hurt even more than the injections! Overall, my first Botox experience is outstanding. I would recommend Clarity to anyone getting Botox.

Hannah H.

Colorado, CO

Extremely Happy!

Been using Latisse for a few months now and I’ve only gone through 1 1/2 boxes of it! My lashes have grown significantly and I’m extremely happy with results!

Danna N.

San Francisco, CA

The Best

I went to a dermatologist who also does fillers and the director told me my lip filler outlining was the best she has seen and would like to have lips like mine. The filler lasted longer than expected. Very happy with the result.

Denise L.

Saratoga, CA

I feel good

I have gone here since it opened and love Dr. Donna Lee! Very clean and professional and I recommend it to all my friends. I had a bad sunburn many years ago while snowboarding and left a line across my forehead. I had it for years and couldn’t get it to go away. It was so bad if someone didn’t know me they think I had dirt across my forehead. Seriously I had been politely told more than once. I started using the Obagi system and my skin has never looked so good which gives me more confidence and I feel good.

K K.

San Martin, CA


I went with my girlfriend for her eyebrow threading at Clarity medical spa. When we first walked in, I thought we’d pay an arm and a leg. The place looked like an expensive spa. They charge $10 to thread and shape the eyebrow. Very clean and modern. Now, my girlfriend doesn’t use wax anymore (she got a burn and a scar from a previous eyebrow waxing). The esthetician used a thread to skillfully trap and lift the hair from the roots. Now, my sister and mom are getting theirs done too.

Joe P.

San Jose, CA

My face is glowing!

I had my first treatment at this Medical Spa today with an esthetician named “Jolly Dalal”. I can’t begin to express how much I enjoyed the experience. I had the Obagi Face Peel and also my eyebrows threaded for the first time. Both my brows, face, neck and chest area look great! The staff was extremely professional and friendly, Jolly was extremely patient with me and explained each step required. I’ve been to several Spas over the years, but I have to say this is probably the best experience I’ve had in a long time. I will be returning for a facial, more threading and more skin care. My face is glowing!! Thank you!

Robin S.

Los Gatos, CA

It really works!

I was skeptical at first. But after I got rid of a few face sun spots via a laser machine, I changed my mind. It really worked. So I went back and used the laser for hair removal. Took a few sessions, but it really does work!

Johah P.

San Jose, CA

I’m Happy!

I was a little wary, but decided to use a Groupon for laser hair removal for my upper legs. I had Charo every time, and she was always positive, friendly, and conscientious. I’ve learned from other laser hair removal experiences that it’s never 100%, but felt like Charo really wanted me to get the best results… and I’m happy!

Joanne G.

Los Gatos, CA

Boosts my Confidence

I have seen Dr. Patel on all her clinics and she is one of the best and she is very thorough with her explanation of services and I love her staff . They are very friendly and help us in the best way they can. I love the treatments I did here and I get lots of compliments. It makes me feel good about myself and boost my confidence. I like their prices which are reasonable and they are very accommodating. I highly recommend this clinic to all to get similar experience.

Edy S.

San Jose, CA


Dr. Patel has lots of patience and she listens to your concerns. She respects every single need. I did not feel her pushing me at all. And I can say that very confidently because, now I have met her on more than several occasions and her integrity remains the same every single time! I am quite impressed by her sound and wide based clinical knowledge! Dr. Patel is really AMAZING! Trust me, I am very picky person and want perfect results almost all the time! She is EVERYTHING you would dream of in a doctor – her patience, her compassion, her friendliness, and most importantly, she has very inventive and artistic eyes for every single patient’s individual needs. Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Patel. Its a very pleasant ride every single time! I love all their services including skin whitening and Gluta, laser treatments, clear and brilliant, botox and fillers all! Between me and my friends we have used some of these services and we are more than pleased and we love their reasonable prizes and they have promotions going on almost all the time! We are going to highly recommend Dr. Patel and her spa to all my friends.

Grace G.

Fremont, CA

5 Stars!

I have now seen Dr. Patel at multiple locations! Same enthusiasm, same positive energy! Same willingness to help! These people really make my day, every single time that I visit, call or communicate via email! This 5 star is not just for the Doctor but for the whole staff, their compassion, passion and willingness to help you from all the aspects! I really had an issue with my appearance which was bothering me all my life with lack of self confidence, I had been avoiding taking any pics with my family and was not comfortable with myself at social gathering and events! But Dr. Patel not only gave me a free consultation but also a very thorough evaluation. I choose to proceed with her advise and medically sound treatments and I am so glad that I did that. I was in tears after the treatment and after I had to seek several MD’s opinion before consulting her! I even gave her hug. Her staff was so nice, kind and very helpful in making appointments! I am feeling so blessed, confident. I am very comfortable with myself, absolutely ok with taking a public picture now and it’s obvious enough for my family to even notice that happiness, really can’t thank you enough Dr. Patel! I will highly recommend her to any of my friends or family!

M C.

Fremont, CA


I started going to Clarity Medical Spa about a year ago and I am very pleased. The staff is very pleasant and knowledgable as well as the doctor. I have had several treatments there, and I feel comfortable every time I go. They have monthly specials and seminars, but they are not pushy about sales. They tell you what products would work best for you and then you can decide if it is something you are interested in. I have recommended this spa to others and I will continue to go. I rate this above a five.

Tina M.

San Jose, CA

The Best

I’ve been getting dermal fillers from Clarity for 1 1/2 years. I first started with Restylane but when Juvederm came out, I was hooked. Right before Thanksgiving last year, I got my nasolabial folds injected (the lines from my nose to the edge of the mouth) with Radiesse. I also had Juvederm injected on my lips to make them fuller. That was money well spent! I had so many compliments on the many holiday parties I attended. Dr Lee is quite possibly the best filler injector.

Kayla L.

San Jose, CA

I feel good

I’ve been going to Clarity for a year now. Needless to say, my treatments were very comfortable because of the doctor’s technique. Now, I’m on my 2nd treatment of Juvederm to treat the lines from my nose to the end of my mouth (called nasolabial fold) The staff also taught me makeup application with Colorescience mineral makeup. I feel good knowing what I’m putting on my face is good for my skin too. Lastly, I tried eyebrow threading. Very cool technique and the aesthetician has a unique talent.

Diana R.

San Jose, CA

It really works!

Clarity donated some laser and chemical peel services to Silver Oak Elementary (at Silver Creek Country Club). It was a pretty generous donation too and the PTA staff continue to thank them for their sizeable donations. It was through Clarity’s donations that I discovered them. Clarity Medspa is very experienced and knowledgeable in laser cosmetic procedures as well as cosmeceuticals (Obagi, SkinCeuticals, Latisse). I bought Latisse to grow my eyelashes longer and it really works! I use Obagi’s Rosaclear system to help with my rosacea and I use SkinCeuticals’ Phloretin to help with my sun damage. I got Botox for my crow’s feet and did Juvederm (to volumize and shape my lips) and Radiesse (for my tear-troughs). The doctor is a real pro injector. I’m ecstatic with my results. I continue to go to Clarity for maintaining my youth. They definitely deserve all the 5 stars.

Bel A.

San Jose, CA

I love their products

I agree with everyone else that the doctor and her staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I love their products and services. Just stop by and talk to them about anything. They will help you.

Kim P.

San Jose, CA

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