Skin Growth/Tag Removal


What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are soft, jiggly, fleshy bits of skin or bumps that can vary in size. Although most begin as very tiny spots, some will continue to grow and can become as large as a grape. Skin tags can appear on any part of the body but are most commonly found on the neck, face, eyelids, groin, underarms, or under breasts. Most often they are flesh colored but can also be slightly brown.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags are usually caused by friction – when skin rubs against skin such as underarms or breasts, or when skin rubs against clothing, particularly around shirt collars and undergarments.

Some people are more prone to develop skin tags than others and doctors believe that it may have something to do with genetics since they tend to run in families. They seem to be more prevalent in overweight people and also tend to increase during pregnancy due to changing hormones.

How to remove them? – Advanced Electrolysis/Cauterization

While freezing is often successful, it can be quite costly with no guarantee that the skin tags will not return. Many people have found that using an electrolysis needle to cauterize the tags is much more effective.

This procedure causes minimal pain so most skin tags can be removed without using anesthesia; however, a topical anesthetic may be applied for larger tags. Although temporary discoloration may occur, there is no scarring with cauterization.

Some people believe that removing skin tags will cause more to grow, but there is no evidence to show that this is true. However, some people are more prone than others to develop skin tags so regular removal may be necessary.

Skin Growth Removal at Aspire Laser & Medspa

Our trained registered nurse and esthetician are able to remove unsightly moles, skin tags, syringomas, milia, cherry angiomas, freckles, cholesterol deposits, sebaceous hyperplasia and warts. We utilize the Super Frecator 6800 machine to send a high frequency electrical current to desiccate the skin growth.

Most skin growths are easily removed in one session, but a complimentary follow up appointment is provided to touch up areas that need extra treatment.

The skin growth removal is able to remove lesions in one treatment, but it is natural for new growths to emerge with time.

Note: *Any moles that are irregular in shape or larger than ¼ inch would require clearance from the patient’s primary physician/dermatologist for biopsy before we are able to proceed with a mole removal.


Prices for skin growth removal depend on the quantity, size or location of tags and we provide estimate after FREE consultation. Please book free consultation!

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